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Listed below are just a few testimonials we have received from customers about our products and services. They have been taken from the over 1,300 comments and reviews found on products throughout our website.



Excellent Curriculum
Posted by Kraig on 05/21/2019
Our boys love the [CLH] curriculum. Each year the curriculum arrives in the box, our boys can't wait to open the box and look through their books for the next school year. We will be home schooling with your curriculum through high school and we started with Pre-K. Thank you for all you do to make this home school curriculum possible. God bless.

Great content...
Posted by Tina Langaber on 03/21/2016
Great age appropriate learning content based on the Bible. My son can't wait to start his next school year. And my preschool aged daughter already loves sitting in on his classes to learn with him.


Excellent Curriculum
Posted by kraigsherst on 05/22/2019
Our boys love the [CLH] curriculum. Each year the curriculum arrives in the box, our boys can't wait to open the box and look through their books for the next school year. We will be home schooling with your curriculum through high school and we started with Pre-K. Thank you for all you do to make this home school curriculum possible. God bless.


First year of homeschooling - great experience!
Posted by Ramya on 07/23/2019
I was a little apprehensive being a first time homeschooling mom, but [CLH] made it so easy. If there is any mom out there who is overwhelmed with the curriculum choices, give [CLH] a try. I really enjoyed my first year of homeschooling and loved the curriculum standards and the assessment test. I also like the weekly testing which keeps us organized and accountable. All in all my first year experience with [CLH] has been great by God's grace. Prayerfully signing up for the program for the next school year!


CLH family
Posted by Unknown on 05/17/2012
We are extremely pleased to report to Christian Liberty that our son, who has been a student of [CLH] for the past four years, has been accepted into the United States Air Force Academy. We believe that a crucial part in the completed application package that the USAFA received came from your Transcript department.

We spoke personally to you on several occasions. Each of our detailed requests was filled above and beyond our expectations; we could not have asked for more complete records! The information forwarded to the Air Force Academy spoke loudly in commendation of your fine program, and home-schooling in general!



Very Well Organized
Posted by Tiffani on 05/06/2019
This curriculum is so well organized, especially with me being newer to homeschooling. It is laid out with ideas of what to cover each week and how to use the curriculum together.

Great curriculum at a fantastic price!
Posted by Ashley on 09/18/2012
Started using this curriculum with my four year old son a month ago. We love it! The activity book is colorful and captures his attention. The drill book is fantastic for more practice. I absolutely love the teachers guide which gives you ideas for crafts, activities, and snacks for each unit as well as a Bible story reference and a scripture memory verse.

I compared a lot of curriculums before purchasing this one. Some were very expensive and mostly because of all the "projects" to do which I thought was too much anyway. This one is a perfect balance.


Always Happy with Christian Liberty
Posted by Bill and Bobbie on 09/22/2016
We have chosen Christian Liberty since 1994 as our partner in educating our children. We have never been disappointed in the materials that we purchased from your school. We have our daughter who is grown and has become a nurse, though she is not walking for the Lord, we continue to. Our oldest son and our youngest both Love Jesus, our oldest son serves Christ and is working in the workforce now successfully. Our youngest is only in 4th grade and continues to learn and grow. Thank you for your commitment to God in education.



Posted by Chad on 06/04/2018
Excellently put together. The entries are clear and easy to understand, but they also relate the truth without adding inaccurate information simply for the sake of entertainment. The primary value of this over something like "The Child's Story Bible" is in having the story, catechism, memory verse, and comprehension questions organized in such a helpful way. Morning Bible now includes our 4, 6, and 8-year-olds; and it goes much easier than ever before.


Excellent material and simple to use
Posted by Corey on 01/21/2020
My son always enjoys doing his spelling. This is our second year using the Building Spelling Skills series and I have seen much improvement in my son's ability to spell. I like how the lessons are short with no nonsense, while at the same time are engaging for the student.


Sweet and Adventurous
Posted by Elizabeth on 02/15/2019
I call this book sweet and adventurous, because it has elements of tenderness, adventure and danger. This novel tells of a young, orphan boy traveling west with his cousin's family, and the many dangers that those westward travelers faced. It is realistic, in that not every day is filled with hardship, and not all is lighthearted and fun. This story tells of familial love, faith, heartbreak and adventure. The book is perfect for the recommended age group, and is a nice addition to studies of American History.


Excellent Subject
Posted by Unknown on 08/19/2019
We have a controversial history in the U.S., and no matter what one's personal views on "which side" they agree with the most; taking lessons and learning about those that came before us is essential. Stuart was an interesting person and is worth remembering, and this book does a good job at giving the reader insight into his life and the influence he held in his position. Our children need to know about our history and this book is one that spurns on critical thought; a skill that is eroding in today's youth.


Amazing Improvement!
Posted by Mandy on 01/14/2019
The improvements that have been made to this planner are absolutely awesome! The new calendars make life easier, the new and more free weekly content planners make editing a schedule that flows with life a lot less complicated, and my personal favorite --- all the new official forms in the back. THANK YOU for adding in individual pages for all four quarter report cards!



Super helpful practice test!
Posted by Unknown on 04/23/2019
This was our first year homeschooling and giving our daughter a standardized test. I was really nervous about it. I had several friends recommend the CAT test and so we decided to buy the practice test first. It was incredibly helpful. It looked just like the real test, just shorter. It showed me exactly what types of questions would be on the test. We were torn on having our daughter take the online or paper test, and after taking the online practice test, we felt confident that the online test would be fine!

Great preparation
Posted by Kristen on 02/13/2018
This was such a blessing for my son who is intimidated by testing. It is a good way to get a feel for the actual test.


Review of California Achievement Test
Posted by Jenn on 11/29/2018
This is an excellent resource tool. I use this test every year to measure academic progression. My children are homeschooled, and this tool has proven quite useful in helping me to determine weaknesses and strengths when considering the appropriate curriculum needed for each school year. Not only is the test accurate and easy for the children to use, but the results are extremely prompt, and I can follow along with the results as the children complete each section of testing.

Online CAT Review
Posted by Nicole on 04/24/2018
This was our first experience of doing the CAT online. It was so easy. No hassle. When my daughter finished, I told her to leave it up so I could figure out how to get her grades. Before she could even get up from the computer, my email dinged, I already had the results!!

Great choice!
Posted by Unknown on 02/03/2018
We used this last year with my fourth grader as a practice for 5th grade NY state testing . After his test results were provided it was so much easier than writing my annual narrative assessment I submitted the scores. We have decided to use this every year whether the results are submitted or not. As one of the few test that can be used from lower grades through High School and being older parents this is the ideal solution for our family.


Great experience
Posted by Patricia on 05/29/2019
This was our first year using the CAT. We were very happy with the entire experience! The ordering process was easy, the instructions were simple to follow, and best of all, my girls had a great time taking the tests. Thank you Christian Liberty!

Great Tool!!
Posted by Christina on 04/12/2019
My experience with CAT has been as a Director of Education for a nationwide tutoring chain which offered a very clear picture of a student's ability. Once we made the decision to homeschool, I felt that need to have a good resource to compare what we were doing with the national average but nothing excessive like today's testing. Since we live in area with almost zero oversight, the CAT was the test which popped into my brain. For the cost and time, this is a DEAL!! I already knew what to expect scoring wise but this has helped to see that comparative analysis and to help plan for the year's focus points.

When in doubt, call Customer Service - they have always been prompt answering the phones and will provide answers without pushing. Many are homeschoolers as well so they understand where we are coming from as we work that balance.

Very satisfied customer
Posted by Nadia on 09/20/2016
I am pleased with everything about this test. Ordering was simple, it arrived quickly and in great condition, administering the test was easy (even though it was our first time using a standardized test), the results came back quickly and are easy to understand. I will be using Christian Liberty Press every time we do standardized testing! Thank you!