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Distributors | Schools & Churches

Christian Liberty Press (CLP) is the publishing arm of the nationally recognized, full service home school program: Christian Liberty Homeschools, and the Christian Liberty Academy day-school. Established in 1984, CLP is dedicated to finding, evaluating, and preparing books and educational materials that are based in the Word of God. We are rooted in the Reformed tradition, as expressed in the Westminster Confession of Faith.

The mission of Christian Liberty Press is to provide quality educational products and services that will:

  • aid parents in teaching their children, and

  • enable students to excel academically as well as to grow in their walk with God and prepare them to serve in His kingdom.

Our product catalog offers curricula for student in preschool through high school. We also offer readers, novels, and biographies for both children and adults.

As part of a ministry focused on Christian education for over 50 years, we understand the needs of Christian families, schools, and bookstores. We look forward to helping you provide your customers with Christ-centered products.

Christian Liberty Press offers discounts to two types of customers.


A distributor customer is one who purchases products with the intent of reselling them. For details on becoming a distributor, and our distributor policies, download our Distributor Policies.

Schools and Churches

A school-church customer is one who purchases products for students, classes, clients, etc., rather than for resale. For details on purchasing supplies for your school or church, and our school-church policies, download our School-Church Policies.


Companies, groups, or individuals that cannot meet the requirements of either customer type are considered retail customers and are only eligible for the discounts found on our website or in our Educational Catalog.


Check out our downloads page for our current product catalog, order forms, product descriptions, and application forms. If you have questions, please contact us.