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Homeschooling Is a Privilege

Homeschooling Is a Privilege

Posted by Nancy Kramer on 07/03/2024

At our June graduation ceremony, some of our Christian Liberty Homeschool (CLH) graduates were interviewed and asked what they were going to miss about homeschooling. “I liked being able to do what I wanted to do and to pursue whatever I wanted to do.” “I loved the focus and being centered in the Word.” “I liked the flexible schedule and being able to get ahead in my work and to have time for sports.” “I loved the flexibility as well as the accountability that homeschool brings.” From our CLH parents I often heard “Being able to homeschool was a great privilege.” And for many of them it still “is” as they are continuing to homeschool their other children. In its 57th year, CLH has 3rd and 4th generations of former students homeschooling their children!

In today’s world, public school teaching has evolved beyond the traditional concept of imparting knowledge to students; it now encompasses managing a school environment and readying students for high stakes standardized testing, not to mention teaching godless humanism and all manners of sexually perverse behaviors as normal, to students as young as five.

Public school teachers face so many challenges in teaching. Imagine not having the freedom to teach tried and true academics from the past and being forced to indoctrinate students in “woke” social justice, gay pride, transsexualism, all as normal behavior. Public school teachers are not teachers any longer, in most areas they are forced to be social justice warriors indoctrinating and building a social justice army out the children, at the insistence of state and local governments.

Home education is a special opportunity. It's a chance to educate, mentor, and shape our children, as image bearers of God, into the individuals they are meant to be. Homeschooling is a valuable gift from God, and a command to parents. As a homeschooling parent, you have the wonderful opportunity to provide exactly what our God requires, and our children need.

Homeschool parents, face unique challenges. It's a demanding responsibility that requires significant sacrifice and dedication. It is easy to overlook the privilege it truly is.

Let's show even more gratitude for being able to tailor our approach to our children's needs. Instead of sighing, let's smile when our kids ask for another story or a few more minutes of playtime. Time is fleeting and before you know your children will be grown-ups. Remember to cherish the freedom and time you have to educate your children at home and set an example of a lifelong learning mindset.

May we always appreciate the privilege and gift of homeschooling.