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I am interested in CLP curriculum. What version of the Bible is used in these books, particularly the Bible course workbooks?

Most of our Bible course books use the KJV or NKJV, although students can use other versions to read the Bible texts.

How can I make a down payment and set up monthly payments when I enroll in CLH?

The CLH time payment agreement lets you pay a minimum down payment of 50% of the tuition, and make monthly payments for 3 to 6 months.  There is a $5 service charge for the 3 month plan and a $10 service charge for the 6 month plan. The time payment agreement may not be used if you enroll at

Contact our customer service to request the time payment agreement form and we will email or mail the form to you.

Are there any scholarships or other financial help available?

Yes, we have scholarships and Hardship Appeal available.



Christian Liberty offers scholarships to families who are struggling financially to provide a Christian education within the home rather than send their children to public school. The family must cover one-third of the overall enrollment costs. The family’s church and/or Christian support organization must cover one-third, and Christian Liberty will cover the remaining third.


Because CLH has no means of confirming a family’s financial need, we leave this responsibility with the local church or support organization—those who are closest to the family. The willingness of the church/support organization to help pay the tuition cost serves as corroboration of financial need.


Payments made by the church/support organization must be drawn on their account; a family may not write a check to cover the church/organization’s portion. Additionally, payment from the family must be in the form of a check or money order. CLH will not accept credit card payments for scholarship applications.


You may view the terms and conditions and download the scholarship agreement (PDF version only). Or, if you would like the forms sent to you, contact our Customer Service Department. Both CLASS Administration Plan and Family Administration Plan families may apply for scholarships.


Noah Leake Scholarship Fund

Christian Liberty Homeschools students in the 11th grade who face a hardship may apply for financial help for 12th grade so that they can complete their high school education through CLH. Students must have been enrolled with CLH for 11th grade and have maintained a 3.0 or better GPA. The Noah Leake Scholarship Fund will only be granted as funds are available.


Hardship Appeal

If you are unable to pay half down or need more than 6 months to pay, contact our Customer Service Department for a Hardship Appeal packet. Hardship appeals will require confirmation of your need, including letters from doctors, pastors, employers, and/or court officers. Hardship appeals are only available for CLASS Administration Plan enrollments.

Do you issue a high school diploma? Does my student have to start in 9th grade with you to receive one?

Christian Liberty Homeschools issues a high school diploma. Students may transfer into CLH from 9th through 12th grades. We will request a high school transcript from the last school they attended.

How do I know what courses I need to pick for my student? OR How do I know what courses I need to pick for my student so he graduates?

  • You may choose each course you would like to receive for your student, or skip past all the subjects and simply click "Add to cart" when you choose an enrollment. CLH will assign all the courses required to earn a high school diploma.
  • OR Contact CLH Customer Service to verify how many credits are needed for graduation.

What is the difference between CLASS Plan, Family Plan, and Curriculum Kits?

The difference between the CLASS and Family Administration Plan is mostly record keeping. The CLASS plan will grade all required tests and some daily work, we send QuickScore email the day that work/tests are posted to our database, mail official report cards quarterly, maintain academic records, transcripts, and issue a diploma for grades K, 8 and 12. CLH will also give you assistance with additional documents, such as a certificate of enrollment, work permit and verification of GPA for auto insurance discounts.


Under the Family Administration Plan we provide you with all the materials necessary to complete a full grade level of education, including: textbooks/workbooks, tests, keys and guidance materials necessary to organize and run your school. The family maintains all grading and record keeping.


The curriculum kit is the standard grade level curriculum package for student and teacher. The teacher does all grading and record keeping.


Please see our Curriculum and Services for more details.

Can I transfer my child into CLH?

Yes! In addition to appropriate standardized test scores, students who intend to transfer into the full-time CLH high school program must meet the minimum entrance requirements listed below. Individual courses taken through CLH can be combined with other transcripts to meet these minimum requirements.


Entering Tenth Grade

Students entering tenth grade must have earned a minimum of 4.0 credits,* which include:

  • 1 earned credit of English

Entering Eleventh Grade

Students entering eleventh grade must have earned a minimum of 7.5 credits,* which include:

  • 2 earned credits of English
  • 1 earned credit of math
  • 1 earned credit of science
  • 1 earned credit of Heritage Studies (e.g., history, government, and/or economics)

Entering Twelfth Grade

Students entering twelfth grade must have an overall GPA of 2.0 out of 4.0 ("C" or better). They must also have earned a minimum of 12.5 credits,* which include:

  • 3 earned credits of English
  • 1 earned credit of math
  • 1 earned credit of science
  • 1 earned credit of Heritage Studies (e.g., history, government, and/or economics)
  • 1 earned credit of Bible or a biblically based theology course**

*One academic credit implies a full year or two full semesters of work.

**Transfer students who lack this requirement may be assigned an additional Theological Studies credit in the twelfth grade, provided the assignment does not exceed the 7.5 credit limit for the grade level.


Christian Liberty Homeschools does not accept any academic credits for physical education, health, and driver's education courses.

Transfer students applying for grade levels for which they do not qualify will be notified by the Curriculum Department.


Previous School Records

Students entering grades 10–12 are required to have official academic transcripts of their previous high school studies sent to us. If not included with the enrollment, Christian Liberty Homeschools will routinely request this information from the previous school when processing the application. If your student was previously home schooled, and you do not have an official academic transcript, then you may use our Independent Homeschool Transcript Packet (PDF version).

Students enrolling in ninth grade or below who have obtained high school credits should also have these transcripts sent to CLH (or request that CLH obtain them).


No other previous school records are required for admittance into CLH. Although we will store other cumulative records (such as medical documents, progress reports, and attendance sheets) for the duration of your enrollment with us, they are not necessary for enrollment purposes.

Christian Liberty Homeschools will send for non-required school records from a student’s previous school upon request.

We would like to finish out second semester (or quarter) of the school year. How do we order that?

You may enroll any time of the year, but the CLH program is for a full grade level. We do not offer an option for just one quarter or other increment of the grade level. However, if you are homeschooling independently you may order from and pick just the subjects your student needs, then you may start half way through the school year and work to the end.

I would like to use ****** curriculum, but I do not see it on your website. Is that allowed?

Your choices vary depending on if you want to enroll or use CLP:

  • CLH does not carry or assign ****** . Your students would have to switch over to the curriculum we offer, unless you enroll in the Family 
    Administration Plan. In the Family Plan you do all your own administration, grading and record keeping, but you are welcome to make adjustments to the curriculum outside the program at your own expense. 
  • As an independent homeschooler you are free to order any items you like from

We are looking for some online classes. Is this an online school?

Christian Liberty offers traditional workbooks, textbooks and tests. We are not an online school.

What is the church background of Christian Liberty Homeschools and Christian Liberty Press?

Christian Liberty Homeschools and Christian Liberty Press are two of the educational ministries of the Church of Christian Liberty. The Church of Christian Liberty is an independent Reformed church in the Chicago suburb of Arlington Heights. It is similar in doctrine and practice to a conservative Presbyterian church but is independent of any denominational affiliation. It has adopted the Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms as its statement of faith.

Can I make copies of the workbook pages for my students or do I need to buy one workbook for each student?

Our policy is not to allow reproduction of textbook pages. In general, we would not object to the reproduction of written work pages if the number is extremely limited (6 or less). If the number of written work pages is more than 6, then we would not allow reproduction. This permission does not apply to test packets. No reproductions are allowed for test packets (except to protect against possible mail loss).

Is there a way my older student can use the workbooks now so that my younger children can use them in the future? Or would it be best just to get new workbooks when the time comes?

We suggest it is best for each student to have their own workbooks. There are two alternatives to buying new copies of our workbooks that you may want to consider. First, your older student could write their workbook answers on separate paper, keeping the workbook pages clean for younger siblings. Second, you could consider our e-book offerings. Christian Liberty Press has been slowly releasing ebook (primarily PDF) editions of our publications. You could purchase PDF workbooks and then print the necessary writing pages for these workbooks for your children to use. Without either having your older student write their answers on separate paper and/or purchasing PDF versions of our workbooks, you will need to buy new workbooks for your younger children.

Do you have a program for special needs children?

Although CLH does not offer a special education program, we do have a special status category for students who are seriously deficient academically. A student will be classified as Special Status if he is enrolled in courses more than two grade levels below the actual grade placement level.


Students who remain on special status do not qualify for a diploma but will receive a special certificate upon completion of eighth and twelfth grades.


Students can be removed from Special Status by either repeating grade levels or by taking supplemental courses that bring the student up to grade level. High school students must also meet all credit requirements before a standard diploma will be issued. If independent course work is pursued, the student must be pretested prior to curriculum development to ensure level of ability.


Students enrolled under Special Status must be able to complete the assigned work independently— according to the course instructions—with normal assistance from the instructor. If significant curriculum modifications would be required for your student, you may wish to consider enrolling him in our Family Plan or ordering individual titles from


To graduate from eighth grade and receive a Certificate of Completion, special status students must successfully complete all courses assigned at the eighth grade. Previous grade levels are not considered when determining whether the certificate should be awarded.

To graduate from high school and receive a Certificate of Completion, special status students must successfully complete all courses assigned at the twelfth grade. Previous grade levels are not considered when determining whether the certificate should be awarded.

Can I see your products at a homeschool convention?

Absolutely! You are welcome to come browse our products and ask questions at the homeschool conventions we attend. We also offer special discounts at the conventions.


Please see our Convention Schedule here