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  • Fun with Friends - Answer Key

    Fun With Friends - Answer Key

    This answer key to Fun with Friends provides the answers to all of the review questions found throughout the reader. Subject: Reading Suggested Grade: 2nd Author: Edward J. Shewan Copyright: 2021 Saddle-stitch Bound: 9...

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  • CLASS Lesson Planner, 4th edition

    CLASS Lesson Planner, 4th edition

    This popular planner has been extensively revised and updated to meet the particular needs of today's home educators. While formatted similar to a classroom teacher's planner, it also includes suggestions for developing lesson plans, organizational...

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  • Hunger Winter

    Hunger Winter

    In late 1944, as the Nazis seek to stamp out all opposition in the Netherlands, 13-year-old Dirk becomes the man of the house when his papa becomes one of many who join the Dutch Resistance. After the Gestapo arrest his older sister, Dirk awakens one...

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  • Grammar and Composition III, 6th edition

    Grammar & Composition III, 6th edition

    Grammar and Composition III includes clear explanation of traditional grammar, diagramming, and an in depth study of the parts of speech. It also includes instruction on various types of compositions. A convenient handbook of all grammar rules learned...

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  • Themes in Literature, 5th edition

    Themes in Literature, 5th edition

    This text seeks to build good character qualities in students while increasing their enjoyment of quality literature. Each of the twelve units is based on a theme, such as courage, humility, love, justice, and perseverance. "Think It Through" questions...

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  • Martin Luther: The Great Reformer, 3rd edition

    Martin Luther: The Great Reformer, 3rd edition

    This updated and expanded biography is a stirring tale of God's grace. It provides an honest account of the accomplishments of Martin Luther—a remarkable man of God whose words and deeds were the seeds of the Protestant Reformation. Subject:...

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