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FAQs - Recommendation Service




Should I use the Recommendation Service?

If you have little or no experience developing curriculum, we invite you to use our Curriculum Recommendation Service. It works in conjunction with our Independent Testing Service. Its purpose is to suggest to a curriculum for your student based on an evaluation of your child’s abilities.

Which of your testing service products should I use with the recommendation service?

You may use our online California Achievement Test (CAT), or paper-based CAT.

How long will it take to create my child’s curriculum recommendation?

The time it takes will depend upon the type of test you use. If you use one of our online tests—TestPoint or online CAT—you will receive your child's recommendation more quickly than if you use the paper-based test. We will receive the results of one of the online tests within moments of its completion, just as you will. The paper-based CAT, on the other hand, must be sent to us by mail. Regardless of the test you select for your child, once we have the results, it will take approximately a week to create the curriculum recommendation.

How will my child’s recommendation be sent to me?

Recommendations based on the paper-based CAT will be mailed to you. We will send you the curriculum recommendation, the CAT results, an explanation letter for the CAT scores, and the answer sheet. If your student took the Level 1 (2nd grade) or Level 2 (3rd grade) CAT, we will return the booklet to you. Recommendations based on either the TestPoint or online CAT will be e-mailed to you.

How long do you store my child’s curriculum recommendation?

We keep curriculum recommendations for at least five years.

What should I do if I need to obtain a past recommendation?

Contact Christian Liberty Press for a copy of one of your student’s past recommendations, and we will mail/e-mail it directly to you.

Who will have an access to my student’s curriculum recommendation?

Only selected Christian Liberty staff members will have access to recommendations.

How is a student’s curriculum recommendation developed?

Each curriculum recommendation is based on the curriculum used by Christian Liberty Homeschools and sold by Christian Liberty Press. The individual creating the recommendation will evaluate your child’s test results to determine the best courses for each subject area.

Please describe your curriculum recommendation report?

Your student’s recommendation letter will list the suggested courses and where they may be obtained. In most cases, the courses being suggested are those sold by Christian Liberty Press in its catalog and/or website. On occasion, however, we will suggest courses sold by other publishers due to a child’s test results.

May my home school group or school obtain group recommendations?

No, the independent recommendation service is designed for individual students. While you may sign up multiple students within your family ro group, each student receives an individualized recommendation. There are no discounts for multiple students.

If after ordering the recommendation service, I decide to enroll my child in CLH, is my student eligible for a discount on CLH tuition?

There is no discount on CLH tuition for a recommendation service. There may, however, be a discount due to the testing service that is required for using the recommendation service. See the testing service FAQs for further information.