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FAQs - Products




How do I make a search by the CLP item number listed in your catalog?

Our catalog number consists of a three-letter prefix and the actual item number. If you would like to make a search using the catalog number, you should use the search box at the top right corner. Enter the item number without the three-leter prefix (three letters at the beginning of the item number). For example, to make a search for a catalog item CLP29600: you should enter 29600 in the search box. The rule applies to most books, except the kits. For example, to make a search for a catalog item KITPS, you should enter KITPS in the search box.

Can I see book sample pages or "see inside the book"?

Yes, most of our books (including curriculum and enrollment courses) have book samples available. To see a sample, please click on the book to see its full description. The button (looks like an open book with words "click to look inside") to see book samples will be located at the top of the product description.

To see a sample for enrollment courses / curriculum kit courses please click on the course description, and the sample button will be located on the left, below the book cover picture.

How can I get additional information about a product?

You may visit our web site at and locate the product. Each web page provides detailed description, page count, author's information, ISBN number, grade level, and support materials suggestions. If you still have questions you may contact our customer service.

I want to order some apparel items, do you have a size chart?

Yes, we do. Please see our size chart to help you choose the right size apparel items.

Most of your books give suggested grade levels, but I would like to know suggested age levels.

Please refer to the chart below to see grade levels to age levels conversion.


Grade LevelAges
3 - 4
4 - 6
Senior Kindergarten
5 - 6
1st grade
5 - 7
2nd grade
6 - 8
3rd grade
7 - 9
4th grade
8 - 10
5th grade
9 - 11
6th grade
10 - 12
7th grade
11 - 13
8th grade
12 - 14
9th grade
13 - 15
10th grade
14 - 16
11th grade
15 - 18
12th grade
16 - 18
High School - Adult
15 - adult


When you have multiple grades listed for a book, we suggest combining the corresponding age levels (i.e. 6th to 8th grade would correspond to ages 10–14).

How can I receive a print catalog from Christian Liberty?

You can request our Christian Liberty Homeschools brochure, Christian Liberty Press catalog, or both. If you place a request online, you will receive you catalog within 2-4 weeks.


While you're waiting for your information to arrive, you may want to consider browsing our online catalog and placing your order online at The site is fast, 100% safe, and always up-to-date with the very best and latest in Christian products. You can shop our entire inventory at your convenience, any time day or night, and place your order with just a few clicks!

How long should it take for a catalog to arrive?

Printed catalogs usually arrive 2–4 weeks after the request date. You may download a catalog to avoid this delay.

What are bargain books and how are they different from your regular inventory?

Remaining items in our inventory that are out of print, or older editions of revised products, or items CL Press will no longer carry are transferred to a Bargain Books section. Those are new products sold at the cost. Due to the low price, regular online or quantity discounts do not apply to those items.

Who should I contact if I wish to have Christian Liberty Press publish my manuscript?

We normally publish materials produced by our in-house staff or by freelance authors that we have contacted. However, on occasion, we have published works submitted to us for our consideration. Therefore, if you would like to submit a proposal for our review, please first download the Writer's Guidelines for further information and then contact We review proposals as time permits and then contact the author or agent with our response.