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Homeschool Program

For complete information about our CLASS enrollment program, please visit
  Benefit CLASS Plan
(Includes Tracks)
Individual Course
 Complete K–12 curriculum (CLASS Plan is accredited)
 Annual achievement testing (paper version or online)
 Guidance materials to help you organize and run your school
 Customer service assistance by phone, fax, email, and online
 Math help for junior high and high school
 High School Choice – pick your own courses
 Alternative course assignments available
 Course adjustments allowed after you receive your curriculum
 Flexible schedule
 Grading of tests and some daily work
 Test scores emailed to you
 Quarterly report cards mailed to you
 CLASS diploma (8th and 12th grade)
 Official transcripts
 Maintenance of academic records
 Eligible for CLASS graduation ceremony
 Assistance in dealing with school officials and the law