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Government Courses

Listed below (in alphabetical order) are elementary and junior high grade level courses available through Christian Liberty Homeschools. Information for each course includes suggested grade levels, cost, description, and a listing of the materials used. Linked course names will take you to a "look inside" of the primary text.

If you are looking for high school level government courses, see High School Choice.

Primary Text 79970   Foundation for Freedom
Suggested Grade Level: 8th
Additional Course Charge: None
Description: This course presumes the Constitution to be the foundation of the American system of government. It begins by exploring the historical background of the Constitution. It then examines it in detail and, finally, addresses its fundamental principles. Substantial references to historical documents and Supreme Court decisions are included.
Course Materials:
• Workbook – Foundation for Freedom: A Study of the United States Constitution, Revised edition | ©2021 Christian Liberty Press | 318 pages
• Teacher's Manual – ©2021 Christian Liberty Press | 31 pages
• Quiz and Test Packet – ©2021 Christian Liberty Press | 12 quizzes; 13 tests

Primary Text 79895   The Land of Fair Play
Suggested Grade Level: 8th
Additional Course Charge: None
Description: This civics course provides students with a detailed study of how our local, state, and federal governments work. It provides them with the knowledge needed to properly and intelligently exercise their citizenship responsibilities.
Course Materials:
• Workbook – The Land of Fair Play: American Civics from a Christian Perspective, 3rd edition | ©2008 Christian Liberty Press | 183 pages
• Answer Key – ©2008 Christian Liberty Press | 25 pages
• Test Packet – ©2019 Christian Liberty Press | 10 tests